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Digital Single Channel ECG Machine

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Digital Single Channel ECG Machine



Black and white screen

ECG1201G Electrocardiogram 

Select simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG signals
LCD screen with 320×240pixel, dispalys 12 leads waveform simultaneously and synchronously;
V1,V3,V5 leads mensuring for Physical examination, time-saving, paper-saving, convenient;
Selectable Multi-recording modes,Single-channel, 2-channel,1-channel+Rhythm,60 Sec Compressible waveform record;
Automatic measures;
original integration printer, with strong sealing, high reliability and long life;
AC/ DC supplied and built in rechargeable battery suporting up to 170mins after complete charging;


Lead   Standard or Cabrera 12 leads, Select simultaneously acquisition;
Operating Mode:  Automatic / Manual Recording/ 60 Sec Compressible;
Recording Format: Automatic / Manual / Simultaneous;
Power Condition:  AC: 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz;
DC: 12V Rechargeable battery & Circuitry; Up To 50 Patients Recording Supply Continuously;
LCD Display:     ZQ-1201G  Large screen(4 inch), 12 Leads waveform display;
Channel: 1CH、1CH+1(Rhythm)、3CH(60 Sec Compressible);
Input Impedance   ≥50ΜΩ;
Input Circuit Current:  ≤ 0.01µA;
Patient Leakage Current:    < 10μA;
Calibration Voltage:   1mv ± 2%;
Output Voltage:      1v/mv ± 5%;
A/D Conversion: 20 bit;
Frequency Response:   0.05 ~ 150Hz (+0.4dB ~ -3dB);
CMRR:  > 100 dB;
Filter:   50Hz (≥ 40dB);
Sensitivity Option: Automatic, 1.25\ 2.5\ 5\ 10\ 20\ 40mm/mv (≤±2%);
Resist To Polarization Voltage: ±600mV;
Electrical Noise Level: ≤15μVp~p;
Safety classification   IEC60601-1 class I, type CF;
Analysis System:  Automatic ECG Parameter Measurement;
Recording Speed:  5\ 6.25\ 10\ 12.5\ 25\ 50mm/s (±3%);
Paper Size:  50mm×20m;
Input Condition:  Resist Defibrillation;
Exterior Input:  10mm/v ± 5%; Single Port Input ≥ 100kΩ;
Time Constant:   ≥ 3.2 Sec;
Net Weight:  2.2Kg;
Gross Weight: 4.5Kg;
Size:  290mm×200mm×70mm;
Packing Volume: 400mm×325mm×230mm;