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AL2500 Digital Personal Breathalyzer

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AL2500 Digital Personal Breathalyzer




The fast and easy way to test your blood alcohol content (BAC) whenever you want. Provides safety for you and other drivers.

AlcoScan AL2500 Breath Alcohol Tester For Personal Use Enjoy special occasions even more by making smart driving decisions with the AlcoScan Digital Alcohol Detector. The AlcoScan uses advanced sensor technology to give you an accurate measurement of your blood alcohol content (BAC). Testing is easy … just turn on and wait for the beep, then blow steadily until you hear another beep. Test results are displayed in seconds and a red warning light flashes if your blood alcohol content level is over 0.05%.

Brief: Alcoscan AL 2500 is a highly sensitive and reliable alcohol detector with 3 digit LCD display of B.A.C.

AlcoScan AL 2500 product features:

• Compact – carry the AL2500 in your pocket or purse for convenient, accurate testing on-the-go

• Easy to Use

• Clear LCD Screen

• No Mouthpiece Required

• Accuracy of +/- 0.01%

• Approved/Certified by the DOT, NHTSA and FDA

• 90 days Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Over 5000 Lifetime Tests

• 2 AA batteries included

• Breath Sampling Time: 4 Seconds



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