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AL6000 Breathalyzer With Printer

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AL6000 Breathalyzer With Printer




This model of AL6000 is printer connectible (connects to the printer included in this package) and comes free with the thermal printer for the users’ convenience. It features a replaceable sensor and a dual-test technology.

Printer Connectible feature brings the user the benefit of printing the test results immediately on a thermal printer.

No Recalibration needed– simply plug in a new sensor and it will be as accurate as a brand new unit.

Dual-Test Technology– For hygiene purposes, passive testing only requires users to blow over the breathalyzer to produce indicative readings such as “warning”, “moderate” and “safe”. For greater accuracy, a mouthpiece may be used to blow directly into the breathalyzer.


  • Free Thermal Printer included
  • High Quality Semiconductor Sensor
  • Dual-test Technology- normal and fast modes
  • Displays in mg/l or %BAC
  • No Recalibration ever needed
  • Sensor Cleaning Mechanism activates during power-up
  • Audible warning when high breath alcohol concentration is detected
  • Sensors last at least 300 samples before a replacement is needed*

*When used according to the guildlines set out in the manual.


  • AL6000 PC-connectible Breathalyzer unit
  • Free thermal printer
  • 5 x Free Replaceable and Reuseable Mouthpieces
  • User Manual
  • Soft Carrying Pouch and Strap
  • 2 x AA Batteries

*Note that Replacement sensor is sold seperately and not part of the package.


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