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Catherters Foley FG16 – Silicone 3-Way

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Catherters Foley FG16 – Silicone 3-Way



  • Designed to empty the urinary bladder and/or irrigate the bladder as necessary
  • Manufactured from 100% medical grade Silicone
  • Suitable for long term placement
  • Proximal end: two tapered ends and one balloon port with a non-return valve and fitting for a syringe
  • Extra lumen for irrigation and drug delivery
  • Distal end: closed round tip with a small lateral irrigation eye and two large lateral drainage eyes distal to a 30ml capacity balloon
  • X-ray detectable line the length of the catheter
  • Size: FG16-FG30
  • Internationally colour coded
  • Length: 400mm
  • Sterile in peel pouch
  • Pack size: Per each