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Dressing Pad Sterile 20*25cm

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Dressing Pad Sterile 20*25cm



Product is used for absorbing the  exudates when  clean  and sterilizing the  skin and wound

A type is composed  of viscose  and polyester and combined  with  polyurethane film. it  has the character of non-stickers with wound , no  pain when  changing , secondly damage will be prevented . it can be used instead  of the  gauze pad, can be  used for fixing the wound.

B type is composed of the honeycomb-like  anti-bacterial  bamboo charcoal fiber and polythene mesh, i has the character of anti-bacterial, deodorizing, negative ions, far infrared  and advancing the wound healing. non sickness with wound, no pain when changing the  the dressing, secondly damage will be prevented . It  can be used instead  pf the gauze  pad , can be sue for fixing the wound, together with the bandage or tape