JN F5 Pro Color Ultrasound Machine


F5PRO equipped with a high-resolution medical display, adopts multi-beam parallel
technology and sub-array element transducers, and its superior image clarity perfectly
meets the needs of women’s health care. At the same time, DW-F5PRO relies on the
realistic RealSkin 5D ultrasound technology and abundant measurement packages to
better protect women’s health.

Ultrasounds with 3D/4D imaging have been around for years, but the HD live(5D) ultrasound technology
uses a unique and moveable light source inside the probe that not only provides both 3D and 4D imaging, but
“lights up” the baby, making it possible for soon-to-be-parents to see the facial expressions of their child, and
even watch their baby yawn, wink and smile.
An HD live(5D) ultrasound provides impeccable views of your baby by providing better depth perception.
We can change the position of the light and more clearly see the baby’s lips, nose and eye lids.

Trapezoid imaging

Spatial composite imaging

Spectrum pulse Doppler

Tissue harmonic imaging


Real-time triplex