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Oxygen Concentrator – Portable

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Oxygen Concentrator – Portable



POC-06 Battery Operated Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This machine takes AC 11.V/220V power as power source,takes the air as the raw material .Adopting the original molecular sieve of high quality from france, under normal temperature through the PSA adsorption to get the high-purity quality oxygen

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How to set the oxygen concentrator generator 24/7 working home?
Turn on the oxygen concentrator generator without any time set on the machine; this oxygen concentrator generator will work 24/7 continuously.

How to use the humidifying tube?
When the air is dry, fill half of tube with distilled water or cold water, then use oxygen concentrator generator before connecting the tube with the machine and oxygen pipe. If the air is not dry, it is no need to use the humidifying tube.

How to confirm when is the battery charged full?
The light on the charger is green without connection with the battery. The battery lights red when charging. The battery lights green when the battery is in full charging.
Usually it costs 5-6 hours to charge the battery to be full.

Why the oxygen concentrator generator works off and on?
The battery can last 58-61 minutes when it is in full condition, 5 minutes before the oxygen concentrator stops work, the oxygen concentrator machine will work on and off, this set reminds you back to house or car to keep oxygen supply. If the time is not enough, you can get extra battery for backup.

Can this portable oxygen concentrator generator be used when charging?
No, it is bad for the oxygen concentrator generator and the battery, so do not try to use the machine when charging.

How long to change the medical bacterial filter?
It is no need to change and wash the filter in 3000 hours’ working. One extra filter is matched free for accident of pollution on the filter. After 3000 hours using, please take off the filter and burn it to protect the environment, the filter will burn into CO2 and water environmental friendly.

What is the difference between continuous flow and pulse flow?
The pulse flow means the oxygen concentrator generator produces oxygen half on and off, for an example:
If the outflow is 1L/M, the average outflow will be 0.5L/M.
The continuous flow means the oxygen concentrator generator produces average flow is 1L/M. The user can take in the oxygen with general breathing. It is suitable for sleep for patients with the sleeping disorder.