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Surgical Suction Anand Foot

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Surgical Suction Anand Foot



  • Efficient piston pump for creating vacuum instantly
  • Engineered plastic moulded parts that are non-corrosive
  • Easy to dismantle, clean, disinfect and reassemble
  • Portable and non-tiring pedal unit with top view manometer making it easily visible to the operator
  • Bacterial filter (0.3 micron) with reusable / autoclavable housing between jar and pump
  • Ease of operation (one person can operate unaided)
  • Also useful for field hospitals, midwives, medical centre, mines, aircraft, trains, mountaineers, on-foot paramedics, etc


  • Overall Dimensions 320mm x 170mm x 300mm
  • Unit Weight 2.5kg
  • Capacity 600mmHg ±10
  • With an average stroke volume of 200ml
  • Gauge Bourden Type – 5cm diameter dial (2 inches)
  • Standard Accessories 1l autoclavable jar (max temp. 120°C)
  • With overflow protection system
  • Silicone tubes
  • Tube connectors